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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

2011 US Go Congress: Wrap-up - Part 1

Some crazy stuff happened at the end of this Congress, which took a while for me to process, so I'm posting about it in two parts.

My last day did not start off especially well, when I found out the AGA's meal plan for my residence hall didn't cover Saturday's breakfast. I paid with my debit card anyway, not wanting to play the final US Open game on an empty stomach; this turned out to be a good move.

I really wanted to win the last game, since I figured going 5-1 would surpass my previous Congress best of 4-2 and assure me a spot in the top three of the division. The kid who had beaten me Thursday, Kevin, had also won against the only other 4-0 player (Brady) in the division on Friday, so I figured he was guaranteed first place. Since Brady and I were both 4-1 now, we were paired for the last game, so I was hoping to win it and get second place.

The game itself turned out to be a little anti-climactic. It seemed as though he were playing on insufficient sleep, and I got an early advantage. Then he played way too aggressively, and I killed his group to force a resignation. Afterwards, I played a self-paired game against a guy I'd met at a Bay Area tournament and won, achieving a winning record of 3-2 in the self-paired tournament. This made me feel better about my overall performance at this Congress, so I was pretty happy at this point. A lot more happened in the afternoon, however.

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