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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 US Go Congress: Day 4

Today was frustrating; I won my US Open game to reach 3-0, but found myself wishing my opponent had been more of a challenge. Be careful what you wish for though, I guess. I went 3-0 at the 2008 US Open, before losing my 4th game by 2.5 points and then dropping the next two to go 3-3. Still, part of the reason Go is fun is that you can learn interesting things from a strong opponent.

The second club team match was today, and we won out over a Seattle club! Funnily enough, their first board was my US Open opponent from the morning. I opened with tengen to make it more interesting, which I regretted later. I felt that as team captain, I should go for a safer win over a person I already knew how to beat. Fortunately, I won even more convincingly the second time, and Bill won his game to seal the match. Like the first match, when I looked at it, the game seemed clearly lost. But clearly Kalinda inherited her comeback ability from her father, since he pulled it out.

I got a series of lessons in humility in the afternoon, getting absolutely wrecked in a simul against Yilun Yang 7P and playing terribly in soccer to boot. Good thing tomorrow is the designated day off, I think I need some time to get my mental state back in order.

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