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Monday, August 1, 2011

2011 US Go Congress: Day 3

Pretty crazy day. Started it off by winning my US Open game, which featured several weak groups and a lot of fighting. Then I wandered around for a bit before getting lunch and playing my first self-paired game of this Congress. (I lost)

In the afternoon, I played soccer again. Did a bit better as goalie, only allowed one goal (and it was like one on five -_-;), and I scored a goal when I was playing forward. Somehow the final score ended up 5-5 though.

The evening was the lightning tournament, with ten minutes of time per player. I just played 5-5 and tengen openings; won 2 and lost 2. There were two adults and two grade school brothers in my group. If you can't figure out who I lost to, refer to the end of my very first post. ;)

After the lightning tournament came the club team tournament. I signed up with Bill and his daughter Kalinda, who are 5 kyu and 18 kyu respectively, to represent the Santa Cruz area, because there were so few of us who had played or lived there. This turned out to be the craziest part of my day. Our first opponents were 5 dan, 4 dan, and 2 dan, so even with handicaps, I expected us to lose. However, my pride as team captain kept me playing, even though I was exhausted, and I managed to just barely win the final crucial fight. Now, I figured our best bet to win the match would be for Bill to scrape out a win from the 4 dan, since he was taking eight stones. Unfortunately, he lost around the same time I won. And when I looked at Kalinda's board, it seemed as though she were losing, so I assumed the match was over and started reviewing my game with my opponent. Next thing I know, Kalinda had reversed the game, winning us the match 2-1! Never underestimate kids who play Go....

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