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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My stay in China

Despite my job teaching English in the capital of Jiangxi Province (Nanchang), I sadly have not found anyone to play Go with on a regular basis. I've consoled myself by taking advantage of the ridiculously low book prices to stock up on a few items.  Some I bought at the Xinhua bookstore downtown, but most of them I had to buy online through
I got Lee Changho's six volume tesuji series (top left), which was sold out in most places online, along with some tsumego collections, and a couple of other books which I may review later.

A Chinese edition of the classic Japanese tsumego collection Igo Hatsuyoron that was published a few years ago with new research by Chinese professionals.

Still can't read most of the commentary for the diagrams, although I'm working on it.

 China also has a semi-monthly Go magazine called Weiqi Tiandi (World of Weiqi), which I've been picking up at the newsstands downtown.

I plan on trying to translate some of the more interesting articles into English, possibly with the help of my students.  I'll keep on buying more issues until I leave China, of course. I also plan on picking up a few more books through Dangdang.

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